Series 1

On Day 5 of this 7 Days to Die series, I find out what's on top of the Fire Station, investigate an apartment building, and continue my search for a workbench that isn't destroyed.
On Day 4 of my 7 Days To Die A19 playthrough I explore the fire station, oil company, and water works and receive an air drop. Oh yeah and like usual, I almost die.
On Day 3 of my 7 Days to Die playthrough, I was attacked by a bear outside of my house and raid a police station.
On Day 2 of my 7 Days To Die (Alpha 19) playthrough, I find myself falling through the floor of almost every POI that I attempt to loot.
Starting a new playthrough of 7 Days To Die on Alpha 19. It's been years since I've played, and it shows. Watch as I blunder my way through my first day in a random gen world.

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